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Video Art Wall

Utilising the latest processing and video card technology, Navaho have created a digital signage player that can drive up to 12 screens, either playing a single video across all screens, or a different video on each screen.

Traditional video walls split a picture across multiple screens, arranged in a rigid square or rectangle. This results in a lower resolution image on each screen and a poor quality display.

Not only does our digital art wall player drive each screen at full resolution to achieve a pin-sharp display, but each screen can be a different size and can be rotated and freely positioned to create a unique and eye-catching display.

Visit our YouTube page to see it in action. Art Wall >>

With an ultra high performance processor, the digital art wall player is capable of either playing one video across all the screens (at up to 4K resolution), or it can play a Full-HD (1080p) video on each separate screen.

Most videos can be played on the digital art wall, however choosing a video that will look good when split across multiple screens can take some time. Our content creation team are available to assist in setting up content for your art wall, and also create special effects specifically for your art wall.

Housed in a compact enclosure, measuring just 9cm x 44cm x 37cm, the digital art wall player can located close to the screens either behind a false wall, or in a ceiling void.

All management of the player is carried out across the network using a web browser, or the player can be managed by our content management system.

The digital art wall is ideal for creating high focus displays in locations such as museums, art exhibitions or luxury hotels. With all of the same functionality as our normal MediaCAT digital signage players, the art wall player can schedule content to play at different times of day, and can turn the screens off at night if they are not in use.

The art wall has also proved very popular with organisers of conferences and exhibitions. For customers who wish to use an art wall for a short term event, we are able to offer a complete hire package including art wall player, screens, display wall, and setup/take down.

For more information and pricing on our digital art wall player please contact us.