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With the increasing popularity of touch-enabled smart phones and tablets, members of the public are much happier to use touch enabled screens than they have been in the past – in fact, people are now often surprised if a screen isn’t touch enabled!

Touch screens have a wide range of uses in many different markets:

MediaCAT Digital Signage players are able to work with a wide range of touch screen devices including embedded wall-mountable screens, kiosks and large 42-52″ LCD touch screens.

Touch Screen Features

MediaCAT provides many touch screen specific features, such as the ability to display different content if the touch screen has not been pressed for a while. As soon as the screen is touched by a user, the touch specific content is immediately launched. This allows touch screens to serve a dual purpose as standard digital signage displays when idle and interactive information points when in use by a customer.

Easy Touch Content Creation

MediaCAT’s on-board web server makes it easy to create content for a touch screen. Simply create your touch content using a standard web design software package and upload it to the MediaCAT. When activated, touching the screen simulates clicking on a link on the page with your mouse. Not only does this simple system make it easy to test the content from your desktop computer, but it can also allow live web sites to be accessed across a local network or the Internet using the touch screen interface.

Navaho are able to offer a wide range of touch enabled devices, ranging from separate screens to fully embedded kiosks and wall mounting displays. Kiosks and screens are also available for hire for one-off events, with our exhibition plugin providing quick and easy setup of wayfinding screens, maps and exhibitor guides.


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