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ScanCAGE Network Scanner

The proliferation of network connected devices can case major headaches for network managers.

  • How many devices are on the network?
  • What are they connecting to?
  • Do they pose a security risk?
  • How do I control them?

ScanCAGE answers all of these questions by constantly scanning your network for new devices and creating reports on the number of devices that have been found, what operating system they are likely to be running and how many are present on your network.

In combination with our NetCAGE guest it can also monitor and control network access for devices, and create a ‘walled garden’ requiring authentication before external network access is allowed.

Vulnerability Scanning

ScanCAGE makes use of the OpenVAS open-source vulnerability assessment system to scan devices on your network for potential security vulnerabilites allowing you to upgrade or secure the systems before they come under attack.

OpenVAS receives daily updates of network vulnerability tests (NVTs), of which there are currently more than 30,000. NVTs can simply probe devices on your network to check for services that have known problems, or can be allowed to log in into servers (Windows or Linux) and run local tests to check for vulnerabilities.

For sites with a large number of remote sites or separate networks, multiple ScanCAGE appliances can be deployed, one on each network – our SoHo appliance is ideal for this task – with results being returned to a central ScanCAGE guest for integrated report generation.

If a high priority vulnerability is found, ScanCAGE can alert you immediately by email with details of the risk that has been found. All other vulnerabilities will be documented in a daily report, or can be viewed in greater detail via a web interface, which also provides control over which NVTs are run.

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