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Point of Sale (POS)

Traditional static Point of Sale advertising is time consuming and costly to update. The Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player allows retail outlets or brand owners to quickly and easily update point of sale displays when a campaign is finished or a product is changed.

MediaCAT Digital Signage advertising screens are controlled remotely via an easy-to-use web based interface which allows changes to be scheduled and uploaded to the players in advance of a go-live date.

Interactive Touchscreens

The Navaho MediaCAT supports touch screens allowing retailers to produce interactive point of sale. This is particularly helpful where there is a requirement to educate the customer as to which product they should purchase. e.g. nutritional information for health food products.

Remote Access

For Point of Sale stands that are located in a third party store, the Navaho MediaCAT Digital signage player is able to utilise wireless technologies such as 3G or GPRS to retrieve updates. This removes the need for a fixed line Internet connection and makes installation very easy – all you need is power!

Light Boxes

With the price of large format LCD screens tumbling in recent years, A MediaCAT driven screen in portrait mode is a great cost-effective alternative to the traditional light box. For outdoor or window locations, use High Brightness Screens to ensure your advertising campaigns really stand out.

Embedded Shelf Edge Screens

The Navaho MediaCAT is also available in smaller integrated screens designed for shelf edge mounting. This allows retailers to put the message directly next to the product being sold and directly in the eye line of the purchaser.

As the first company to supply self contained Media Screens to the highly competitive independent retailer market, we needed a robust, yet flexible Media Player and content distribution network. Navaho’s MediaCAT player has delivered this and more, allowing us to deliver brand awareness and marketing campaigns to consumers via on-shelf screens with dynamic audio visual presentations. The flexibility within Navaho’s content distribution network has allowed us to provide unprecedented advert targeting and their network scalability means they will be able to continue to support our growth of players and advertising airtime. Patrick Boden, CEO, Point4DecisionVision Ltd