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Optional Extras

GPS Receiver

MediaCAT Digital Signage players are able to use GPS receivers for services such as location based advertising, passenger next stop information, location based information displays and route maps.

GPS receivers can either be externally mounted and attached to a standard MediaCAT player via a USB port, or they are available built-in to our automotive players .

There are several systems on the MediaCAT which can make use of GPS positioning data:

  • Campaign management system for location based advertising
  • Geodesy route tracker for bus next stop information displays
  • Web based rolling map screens with speed/heading data
  • Triggers to run playlists at preset locations for entertainment/information displays

For more information about location based services and using GPS receivers with MediaCAT digital signage players, please contact us.

TV/Video Capture

Optional Digital TV and Video capture accessories are available for MediaCAT Digital Signage players, which can be used to add live TV and Video to your Digital Signage displays.
Digital TV/Freeview

With an optional Digital TV capture device, MediaCAT is able to display freeview channels on the digital signage display, either filling the entire screen or as part of a Scene.

For sites with multiple MediaCATs, a single player with the capture device can be configured to broadcast the Digital TV program across the network to other MediaCATs, allowing several displays to show live TV from one aerial and capture device.
Scheduled Live TV

MediaCAT also supports scheduling of live TV interrupts, whereby the MediaCAT will automatically stop all content playback and switch to the configured TV channel for the scheduled timeslot. This works in conjunction with MediaCAT mirroring and Digital TV broadcast, allowing a whole network of MediaCATs to automatically switch between digital signage and live TV.

This has been used to great effect by customers such as Red Funnel Ferries who use this facility for showing World Cup football matches and other sporting events to passengers on their car ferries.
Video Capture

The optional Video capture device allows a MediaCAT to display live pictures from a video camera or output from equipment such as CCTV systems, satellite receivers or DVD players. Live video pictures can either be displayed full screen, or as part of a scene.

For more information about TV/Video capture devices, including pricing, please contact us.

User Input

MediaCAT Digital Signage players can be remote controlled using a multiple purpose IO module, which can be connected to a number of different types of inputs. A remote control is also available for the MediaCAT which can be used to control the digital signage screen.
Interactive Advertising

Using the multiple purpose IO module, devices such as motion sensors, buttons, or micro-switches mounted under seats or demo products can be used to trigger content playback on the MediaCAT.

In a retail advertising application, this allows the digital signage system to interact with customers in a more dynamic way to attract and maintain their interest in the content.
Presentations and Training

The optional remote control for the MediaCAT allows the user to pause, play and skip through content on the screen, or launch playlists using the hot key buttons. This allows the MediaCAT to be used as a presentation device for meetings or training sessions.

The remote control also provides access to the On-Screen menu, for initial system setup and selection of playlists and content in the MediaCAT’s media store.

For more information about user input devices, including pricing, please contact us.


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