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MailCAGE Email Scanner

MailCAGE is a border email gateway, designed to reduce the load on your internal email servers by fending off the constant stream of attacks that are directed at internet connected email servers. MailCAGE carries out a number of checks on incoming connections to verify that they are legitimate. Emails are then received, checked for malicious content, and then forwarded on to your internal mail servers if appropriate.

  • Technical Capabilities:

  • • Supports plain and encrypted SMTP
  • • Authentication for external posting
  • • User call through with caching
  • • Triplet grey-listing with caching
  • • Route to different internal servers based on address/domain
  • • Store and forward if server down
  • • Configurable retry times, timeouts and mail acceptance rates
  • • Comprehensive fixed anti-spam rules
  • • Auto-learning Bayesian anti-spam
  • • Phishing detection and disabling
  • • Web address cloaking detection
  • • Multi-level anti-virus support

Spam Reduction

The MailCAGE email scanner combines technologies such as grey-listing, header and Bayesian spam analysis, and black lists to help reduce the amount of spam or unwanted emails that your users receive. Spam emails can be automatically deleted or flagged to allow users’ email programs to deal with them appropriately.

Anti-Virus and Phishing Prevention

With support for a variety of anti-virus packages, MailCAGE will also quarantine dangerous emails and disable common attack threats such as ‘spear-phishing’ or obfuscated website addresses.

MailCAGE supports admin configurable white and black lists, allowing you to configure addresses that you always wish to receive email from, and those that you never wish to receive email from.

Outbound Mail Control

In conjunction with the NetCAGE firewall guest, all outbound email from your network can be directed through the MailCAGE, to control which devices on your network are allowed to send email, and alert you if a device suddenly attempts to send very large amounts of email.

Mail Archiving

For sites that require archiving of all email sent and received by the company for regulatory compliance, MailCAGE can copy all inbound and outbound emails to our MailARK guest, which allows emails to be stored, searched and eventually archived to external media.

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