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Light Box

Prices of modern high brightness digital signage screens have dropped to a level where they are now a viable alternative to traditional back lit sheet advertising light boxes. Using 3G connections, digital light boxes can be remotely updated, with campaigns planned and uploaded weeks in advance.

Digital light boxes offer many advantages over sheet advertising, including:

  • Content upload via 3G or WiFi reduces time and manpower involved in updating displays.
  • Digital Light boxes can be located in more in-accessible areas, due to automated updates
  • No limit to the number of adverts that can be shown on a display.
  • Advertising can be changed during the day for different target audiences.
  • Incorporate live data – such as news or weather – to grab people’s attention
  • Remote diagnostics can instantly identify if a screen has failed
  • Networked light boxes can all be controlled from one central location

Navaho’s sophisticated content management system is able to target and distribute content to displays based on a number of factors such as geographical location or proximity to local services – eg. all displays in London located outside railway stations. Other factors can be considered when deciding which adverts to display including date, time, day of week or even the weather!

Where light boxes are located on vehicles – buses, taxis, trains and ferries – MediaCAT is able to use a GPS receiver to target adverts to specific geographical locations. This allows retailers to display adverts for their stores, products or services to consumers whilst they are outside their premises – or those of competitors!

Navaho are able to offer a number of different light box solutions in wall mountable and free standing formats ranging in sizes from 20″ to 70″. Please contact us for more details and pricing.


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