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LCD Screens

Digital Signage players can be connected to most types of LCD screen. All models of MediaCAT are equipped with a VGA connector and certain models have HDMI and DVI ports. MediaCATs can be used with video splitters/extenders allowing multiple LCD screens showing the same content to be connected to one MediaCAT.

Commercially Rated LCD Screens

In most retail, corporate, healthcare and education applications, MediaCAT Digital Signage Players are usually connected to 32-52 inch LCD Screens. Navaho recommend the use of commercially rated LCD screens rather than domestic TVs wherever possible for digital signage applications, as they have better viewing angles, the backlights have a much longer operating life, front panel controls can be locked and the casing on commercial screens tends to be more robust and have a thinner bezel.

We currently recommend the following LG commercial display monitors detailed in the table below. All displays come with a hard (3H) coated, anti-glare screen and are suitable for use in horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) positions.

Model Size Resolution Bezel Brightness
M3204C-BA 32” 1366×768 51.5 mm 400 cd/m2
M3704C-BA 37” 1920×1080 53.0 mm 500 cd/m2
M4214C-BA 42” 1920×1080 30.4 mm 500 cd/m2
M4714C-BA 47” 1920×1080 36.0 mm 500 cd/m2
M5203C-BA 52” 1920×1080 63.6 mm 700 cd/m2

Open Frame LCD Screens

For the ultimate in a professional digital signage installation, screens can be installed inside partition walls and even doors. Open frame LCD screens have none of the casing or bulky fixings associated with standard desktop/wall mounting screens and so can be easily mounted into partition walls. To finish off the installation, and protect the screen, fitting a silk-screened/etched glass panel will hide the frame of the LCD screen and provide that extra professional touch.

Automotive/Ruggedised LCD Screens

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners, Navaho are able to offer off the shelf and bespoke ruggedised screens for use in automotive applications, such as buses, trains, taxis and ferries. Automotive screens can work on a variety of power sources (including 12/24v DC) and come equipped with robust, vandal proof cases, with easily replaceable, hardened screen protectors. Automotive screens are available in a range of sizes from 10″ to 42″.

Integrated Screens

Navaho also offer a range of LCD screens that have the MediaCAT player built into them. This reduces wiring associated with having separate player and screen, giving a more compact digital signage solution and reducing installation times. Please see the section on Integrated Players for more details.


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