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WebCAGE Internet Filtering

WebCAGE is a filtering web proxy that can control, filter and log web requests being made across your network. It can also cache content to reduce bandwidth usage over your internet connection and scan internet downloads for viruses and malware.

WebCAGE can run in an anonymous transparent mode, simply controlling access to web sites based on a user’s network address, and filtering web content based on a number of predefined categories, eg. pornography, social media etc.

Alternatively, WebCAGE can synchronise with your existing user database and ask users for authentication before allowing access to external web sites. Once a user is authenticated, access controls can be tailored to that particular user or their user group and more detailed statistics about web usage can be gathered.

Not all web traffic is generated by humans, so WebCAGE has a number of controls which allow certain machines or external web sites to always be accessible, allowing important software updates and other automated processes to run without interruption.

Group Based Rules

One of the most powerful features of WebCAGE is the ability to apply controls on a per-group basis. In schools for example, this allows for different rules to be created for staff and pupils. User groups can be nested, allowing for slight modifications to rules for different levels of access, whilst maintaining a global access list.

Time-based rules can also be applied, allowing for restrictions to be lifted during lunch times, or turned off completely overnight or at weekends. WebCAGE can also automatically block a user if they repeatedly try to access banned websites.

Comprehensive Reports

WebCAGE can provide real-time information about web usage via its web interface and will also generate weekly reports detailing most popular websites, most banned sites, users downloading the most data, most common devices being used to access sites, etc.

WebCAGE can also create detailed user reports, showing a user’s pattern of web access over the last year, and the most common types of website being used. Full logs of all web access (including requesting IP address and user if known) are kept for a configurable period, which can be searched via the web interface.

Fast and Efficient

For small sites, WebCAGE can quite happily run on our SoHo Appliance, however for larger sites we recommend the Data Centre/ME appliance.

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