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Integrated Screen

Navaho are able to offer a variety of LCD screen solutions that have a MediaCAT digital signage player built into them.Integrated screens are ideal for any application where wiring has to be kept to a minimum, such as retail point-of-sale advertising, or stand-alone interactive touch-screen systems. Using WiFi/3G for management, most integrated screens will only require a power connection, simplifying the installation process.

Integrated Solutions

MediaCAT integrated screen solutions are ideal for a number of key applications, including:

  • Shelf edge retail/point of sale advertising
  • Passenger information screens in buses, ferries and taxis
  • Wall mounted touch screen directories and information points
  • Interactive exhibit displays in museums
Point 4 DecisionVision use 1500 MediaCAT integrated shelf edge screens for their store advertising network.
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Wireless Digital Signage

Integrated digital signage screens with WiFi/3G support (see table below) offer the ultimate in wireless digital signage. Requiring only a power supply, these screens are completely self contained and can be managed or updated wirelessly across a WiFi network or via a 3G mobile phone connection.

For customers with a large number of screens, our MediaCAT Manager is able to remotely manage and monitor screens, whilst our content management system can be used to manage complex advertising campaigns.

As with normal LCD displays, the MediaCAT software can be programmed to turn the integrated display off at night/weekends, whilst leaving the player running in low power mode for remote management or manager updates.

MediaCAT Integrated Screen Specifications

Please refer to the table below for full details of off the shelf integrated screen solutions – all screens are available with optional touch-screens and larger storage capacities.

Many other integrated screen options are available – please contact us for details.

Model No. Screen Size Resolution Brightness Networking Storage Processor
MC4I-270-08 8.9″ 1024×600 200cd Ethernet/WiFi 160GB Single 1.6GHz
MC4I-270-21 21.6″ 1920×1080 300cd Ethernet/WiFi 160GB Single 1.6GHz
MC4I-270-37 37″ 1920×1080 400cd Ethernet/WiFi 160GB Single 1.6GHz

Images are for illustration purposes only. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm the current model specification with Navaho or your reseller prior to ordering.