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Firewall / VPN

NetCAGE is a fully managed firewall solution, offering a high speed stateful firewall with flexible NAT support, hardware accelerated VPN encryption, policy based routing, and bandwidth management.

Fully Managed Support

All updates to the firewall rules are carried out by our highly experienced support team, who will check all change requests for potential issues before applying them.

All management of the firewall is carried out via our central management system, which has a customer login allowing an administrator to view the firewall rules currently in place.

Our central management system allows targets (IPs/subnets) and policies (access rules) to be named and grouped together, allowing customers with multiple NetCAGEs to easily see how firewall rules affect traffic.

24/7 Monitoring

All NetCAGE appliances are automatically monitored by our central management system, and our support team are alerted if any problems are detected. For advanced customers, we also offer 24/7 monitoring with automatic response and problem resolution from our support team.

High Speed VPN Tunnels

Utilising the hardware AES engine in the Intel Xeon processor, our NetCAGE firewall is able to seamlessly encrypt/decrypt traffic as it transits the internet, ensuring your site-site traffic is secure, without impacting performance. Tests using our Data Centre/ME appliance have benchmarked VPN throughput speeds in excess of 500Mbps!

Flexible traffic Management

NetCAGE can not only re-route traffic based on IP address with host-host or subnet-subnet NAT, it can also apply connection limits, bandwidth management, and policy routing to decide which internet connections traffic should flow across. These facilities allow you to use multiple internet connections to provide extra bandwidth and redundancy, without having to modify your back end servers or user environment.

Layer 2 Firewalling

NetCAGE supports Layer 2 bridging with high-speed firewalling based on IP and MAC addresses. Ideal for allowing trusted machines to transfer data at high speed, while preventing access from unauthorised devices.

NetCAGE also supports VLAN tagging based on IP address or physical port, allowing you to further control which machines should have access to which network resources.

Local Network Services

For smaller sites, such as small offices or home workers, it is often desirable to have a DNS and DHCP server under central control, rather than in an unmanaged device such as an ADSL router. NetCAGE provides a flexible DNS and DHCP server which supports local site configuration as well as slaving from a central server.

Logging and Graphing

To allow analysis of network usage, NetCAGE records usage statistics which are fed back to our central management system, with historical graphs and raw data viewable via the customer login.

To assist in debugging any problems with firewall rules, or to record evidence of attacks, conditional logging of traffic can be enabled. This is uploaded to our central management system, where it is viewable via the customer login.

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