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Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Grade solutions for email, communication, and storage. Cloud computing can enhance the way your business operates without breaking the bank.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can empower your business users, become a critical part of a disaster recovery plan, and make the day-to-day running of your business more efficient, flexible, and reliable.

51% of organisations say they’ve gained a competitive edge by adopting cloud services, while another 23% say they will soon.

With cloud services your users can work from almost any location, seamlessly switching between their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. You’ll be able to access all your office applications, important files, data, and documents wherever you are.

Reduce IT Costs

Around 70-80% of IT budget is spent on maintaining or replacing in-house equipment and software.

Products like Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services can cut costs dramatically, and help businesses to effectively budget their IT costs.

There’s also no need to buy and maintain new equipment. This reduces costs and keeps them predictable, at a fixed monthly or annual fee.

Simple Deployment

If you are considering migrating your IT resources to a cloud environment, choose Navaho as your deployment partner to offer advice, support, and implementation services for any of the mainstream cloud offerings from Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Navaho provide deployment and support for many other cloud providers, whether it’s for file storage, website hosting, or hosted PBX.

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Cloud computing is the ideal way to help your business outperform your competition.