Navaho Technologies Ltd


Navaho Engineering specialises in industry rated computer systems, control and automation products, and ruggedised screens for external or automotive use.

Many of these systems are used in mission-critical applications, where 100% availability is demanded, even in the most arduous environments where shock, vibration, and/ or dust are normal. Custom-made integrated solutions are also available.

  • Data acquisition & control interfaces
  • Embedded computers
  • Touchscreen panel PCs
  • Custom screen enclosures

Engineering Efficiency

Utilising Navaho’s existing product solutions our engineering team are able to exclusively design, prototype, and construct for extreme efficiency, keeping costs low.


A substantial proportion of the assignments we undertake start out as either engineering or application concepts which we develop through to reality, working in close cooperation with the client.

Such projects have ranged in scope from the simple – customer information systems for mainline stations – through police interview recorders, public transport information and security systems, and parliamentary voting terminals, to sub sea terrain modelling systems.

Our compliance with ISO9001:2000 ensures each project’s design and development is fully planned, controlled, and documented throughout the process and that the client’s design brief is professionally implemented to comply with all legal and statutory constraints.


Throughout the years Navaho have delivered on a sincere commitment to service and an unrivalled supply of excellent products, supported by high levels of technical expertise. All this is underpinned by a desire to understand and satisfy each customer’s special requirements.

Our specialist skills and dedication to quality ensure that your investments work, and keep working, year after year.