Navaho Technologies Ltd

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Engineering & Prototyping

Navaho Engineering specialise in the design & manufacture of industrially rated computer systems, embedded computers and specialist ruggedised display products. Our systems are designed to survive the harshest of environments where heat, cold, vibration and shock are commonplace. The overall concept is one of 100% reliability and 24/7 availability from our products.


We generally manufacture to customer’s bespoke requirements using our experience to produce well-engineered systems at a competitive price for both short and long-term projects. We produce both X86 and cPCI bus systems either as stand-alone and fully sealed through to 19” rack mount products that require force cooling. The bus architectures used allow for expanded I/O using plug-in Single Board Computer cards (SBC). Systems are designed to operate under slight pressure where filtered input air is ducted through the system. This prevents the ingress of dust etc as air is always being exhausted. Any rotating hard drives and Optical drives are mounted in energy absorbing anti-shock modules to ensure they are well protected. Add to this a power-supply that is rated at over 100,000POH or a dual redundant solution to effect even greater resilience.

Display products

We offer a range of Display panels specialising in very high intensity LCD modules. Our range includes Totems, both single and double sided able to be deployed internally and externally. For external locations, we specify the enhanced air-cooling system and a built-in heater to keep the panel within its operational limits. Panel wise, we offer both Hi-brite (sunlight readable) panels as well as Transflective options. There are also wall-mounted displays affording the same level of environmental tolerance as the Totems. We have a range of units from 42”, 46” & 55” in both landscape & portrait orientation. Additionally these may be fitted with touch screens which are usually selected depending on the location and any special customer requirement.


Currently we are working on new Customer Information Systems featuring multiple screens in various sizes and orientations, a new ‘Firewall’ product and on-going cPCI developments as more customers are considering using this impressive architecture. We are always open to discussing new designs and applications especially within the various transport services and where conditions dictate a computer system that can withstand all that is thrown at it. Many of our customer’s applications are deemed ‘Mission Critical’ which emphasises our ability to deliver on these requirements at realistic prices. Talk to us!