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Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding is a new and exciting Digital Signage application which is finding uses in hotels, conference/exhibition centres, hospitals and large businesses with multiple meeting rooms. Typical uses include:

  • Meeting room booking and wayfinding in Hotels/Offices
  • Seminar information and waymarkers for exhibitions and events
  • Directional signage and clinic opening times in Hospitals
  • Activity information signs in entertainment parks or cruise ships
  • Dynamic location signage for multi-use buildings, such as schools, offering evening classes or activities in evenings/weekends.

Navaho’s Digital Wayfinding plugin for our MediaCAT Digital Signage players, can display a mixture of static and dynamic wayfinding signage alongside traditional digital signage media such as videos, slideshows, scrolling text and live information feeds.

Novotel London West uses MediaCAT for digital wayfinding in their conference and meeting room venue. Read More >>>

Our Digital Wayfinding solution provides two types of display, dynamic wayfinders and static room/location displays.

Wayfinder Screens

Wayfinder screens are generally located in lobbies, entrance areas or corridors and can be configured to display static markers, such as Lifts or Toilets, as well as providing dynamic direction markers for pre-programmed events.

Just prior to an event, all of the wayfinder screens will automatically update their displays to show directional signage all the way from an entrance to the actual location of the event. A static room/location display outside the event will also automatically update to provide details of the event taking place.

Depending on the size and layout of the display, multiple dynamic markers can be displayed at the same time, allowing your customers to quickly and easily find their way around your building.

Location Screens

Location displays are typically position outside meeting rooms in hotels, or waiting/treatment rooms in hospitals. When no events are taking place, the location displays can be programmed to display a ‘Room Empty’ screen or they can show general information for your site.

Prior to an event taking place, location displays will automatically switch to showing event specific information – the level of detail can easily be controlled from a simple ‘Room Occupied’ to full details of a meeting including time that the room is booked for and the names of attendees.

Management Interface

Managing the digital wayfinding system is simplicity itself via the easy to use web interface that can be accessed via any PC or Mac on your network. To create a new event, just click and drag on the room booking sheet to select the times, then enter the name of the meeting/event and select the client.

At a preset time before the meeting or event, way marking screens in Reception areas and hallways will automatically list the meeting, along with client name/logos and a direction arrow. Location screens outside the meeting room will update to display the booked meeting along with event name, allocated times and the clients’ logo.

All display screens can be customised to fit with your corporate branding, and can display other information such as time/date, news headlines, weather forecasts or exchange rate information.


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