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Tel: +44(0) 23 8000 0010


Digital Signage

Put your clients in the picture with Navaho electronic notice boards. Flexible display solutions that display live data, images, videos & more.

Digital Signage Players

The Navaho Digital Signage players are available in a number of different hardware formats to cater for different applications. The different models which are available include:

Displays, Kiosks, & Touch Screens

Navaho’s Digital Signage player is able to work with a wide range of display technologies and Navaho is able to advise upon and source the screens which are most suitable for your application. More information about the different screen types and technologies which are suited to Digital Signage applications can be found in the links below.

Easy to use

Our Digital Signage player interface is accessed via any standard web browser on any computer system, making the system platform independent. Using the playlist system you can schedule content to play at specific times. Stunning content is easy to create with the help of “scenes”, an integrated layout design tool.

This allows users to create multimedia layouts through a simple click and drag interface. Additionally, the new scenes system allows the creation of an overall screen design with the ability to lock areas. This means information relevant to a department can be altered, while corporate notices and branding are controlled centrally.

Navaho is able to offer a wide range of Digital Signage hardware, including our own Digital Signage players in a range of form factors, LCD Display screens in varying sizes and mounts, touch screens, kiosks, and various optional hardware for displaying TV or location-based services.

Optional Hardware

Our Digital Signage player is able to use a number of optional hardware devices to provide extra features which are not supported as standard. These include facilities such as Digital TV (Freeview), video capture and GPS positioning. Please click on the links below for more information.

  • Freeview/Digital TV receivers can be used to add live TV to digital signage displays.
  • GPS receivers allow for location based advertising and geo-services (next stop) in automotive applications.
  • User input devices, eg. motion sensors or buttons, allow the Digital Signage player display to react to the outside world.
  • Video Capture devices allow live camera pictures or output from CCTV/satellite systems to be shown.

Navaho and our partners are also able to offer advice on a selection of other equipment such as video splitters, video extenders, and network infrastructure.

“We needed a robust, yet flexible media player and content distribution network. Navaho’s Digital Signage player has delivered this and more, allowing us to deliver brand awareness and marketing campaigns to consumers via on-shelf screens with dynamic audio visual presentations. The flexibility within Navaho’s content distribution network has allowed us to provide unprecedented advert targeting.” Patrick Boden, CEO, Point4DecisionVision Ltd

Imagine how impressive your product and services would look on a large screen, high colour, display. If your target audience is passing you by or you find it difficult getting your communications right, it is time to look at the Navaho Digital Signage Player.

For more specific information about any of our products please visit our Downloads area.


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