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Data Centre / ME CAGE

Our Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance uses energy efficient Ivybridge Xeon processors with CPU and I/O virtualisation, and hardware accelerated AES encryption. Combined with 8 gigabit network ports, the Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance has the power to control, monitor, and encrypt network traffic for large offices and data centres.

Housed in a half-depth 1U chassis, with network ports on the front panel and an LCD display for monitoring and maintenance, the Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance is easy to install, whilst minimising resource usage in your computer room or data centre.

For sites requiring extra redundancy, the Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance is available with dual power supplies, and the network ports can be configured into 4 groups of bypass pairs, allowing the network connections to be automatically connected to a standby appliance in the event of the primary appliance failing.

For customers with more demanding requirements, optional upgrades include a faster processor, extra memory, and additional copper or optical network ports. Please contact us for further information on currently available options.

The Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance is recommended for the following applications:

  • Firewalling for large offices
  • Traffic analysis, intrusion detection and threat reporting
  • VPN concentrator for multiple CAGE sites
  • Bandwidth management and traffic filtering in data centres
  • Policy routing/load balancing traffic over multiple internet connections
  • Web filtering and mail scanning
  • Internal network scanning and device detection