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CAGE Security

Navaho’s CAGE appliances and security software use state-of-the-art technologies and a defence-in-depth approach to create hardened, high-availability network security devices.


Virtualisation can reduce costs and deployment time for servers. It offers many benefits in the security arena too, as it allows for guests performing different tasks to be isolated from one another and the rest of the network.

Hardened Guests

The CAGE host operating system provides the bare minimum required to run security guests. A custom read-only Linux kernel is used with all non-essential drivers removed to minimise attack vectors.

We keep copies of all guest images that we create, so that if a new image causes problems on your network, we can quickly revert your appliance back to the old image and ensure continuation of service.

In-the-Field Provisioning

A unique feature of the CAGE appliance is the ability for it to be provisioned with software and configuration whilst in the field. In the event of both hard drives failing, or to ensure the system is completely clean and has not been compromised, a full factory reset can be performed to wipe and re-format.

For remote locations, in-the-field provisioning can reduce downtime due to failed disks or security attacks from days to just a matter of minutes.

Hardened hypervisor read-only flash storage
I/O virtualisation to protect hypervisor from attack
Processor virtualisation for multiple security modules
Secure, easy to upgrade, read-only guest images
In-the-field provisioning, peace of mind wipe and rebuild
Dual power, network bypass for high availability

Energy Efficient CPU

Our Data Centre/ME and Enterprise appliances use energy efficient hardware, which require little power when idle and utilise a number of power saving techniques. This allows a Data Centre/ME CAGE appliance to draw as little as 20 watts when lightly used, and typically no more than 60 watts even under a heavy load. The frugal nature of the CAGE appliance reduces both power and cooling costs.

Our appliances are energy & space efficient, minimising the impact on expensive resources in your data centre or server room.

High Availability

We offer a number of options to prevent any outages causing disruption to your business.

Data Centre/ME and Enterprise appliances use dual mirrored hard drives to prevent data loss and allow continued operation until a maintenance window.

Dual power supplies are standard on the Enterprise appliance, and optional on the Data Centre/ME appliance. This guards against one power supply failing, and allows the use of independent power sources.

Data Centre/ME and Enterprise appliances can be configured with latching bypass network ports, which automatically pass through a network connection to a standby device should the primary CAGE appliance fail.