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Automotive Player

MediaCAT digital signage players are ideally suited to automotive applications, providing a number of features specifically for screens on public transport vehicles:

  • Current/next stop information displays
  • Dashboard activation of audio/screen messages to customers
  • Location-based advertising or information displays
  • Ignition switch detection for automatic startup and shutdown
  • Simultaneous display of messages on multiple screens
  • Intelligent network switching for overnight content updates

Ruggedised Players for Tough Environments

Public transport vehicles are tough environments for delicate electronic equipment, with power fluctuations, extreme temperatures, high humidity, and constant vibration to contend with.

Navaho’s ruggedised digital signage players are designed to handle this tough environment with the following impressive specification:

  • 8V – 60V wide range DC power supply support with ignition and low-power detection
  • Fanless design with -10°C to 50°C operating range (-30°C to 60°C for MC4A-510)
  • Solid state drives provide secure storage even in high-vibration environments
  • 10% to 90% (non-condensing) operating humidity with optional IP65 kit available

As well as being ruggedised to withstand the stresses of running on a vehicle, our automotive players also provide technology designed to make integrating with other on-vehicle systems much easier. Some of these features include:

  • WiFi and 3G* mobile Internet for management and content updates
  • GPS receiver for on-board route information, tracking and location-based advertising
  • Input/output port allowing external events to control content eg. dashboard buttons
  • Multiple serial ports to allow for integration with other on-board systems eg. ticketing systems.
  • Dual VGA outputs allowing the same content to be shown on two screens

MediaCAT Automotive Player Specifications

Please refer to the table below for full details of the automotive models which are currently available.

Other options such as anti-shock mounted or larger capacity storage are available upon request – please contact us for details.

Model Processor Storage Networking GPS Environmental
MC4A-410 Single 1.6GHz 32GB SSD Ethernet
WiFi (Opt)
3G (Opt)
Bluetooth (Opt)
Standard -10°C to 50°C
10% – 90%
MC4A-510 Dual 1.6GHz 64GB SSD Dead reckoning -30°C to 60°C
10% – 90%