Navaho Technologies Ltd

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Network Monitoring

Navaho operates a flexible network monitoring system, that constantly checks that our own servers and our customers’ servers are up and running. The monitoring system can perform simple ‘up/down’ checks, as well as more detailed operations such as checking if a mail queue is full, or if backup tapes have been correctly changed before the nightly run.

Most monitoring tasks are carried out automatically by our central servers, but some customers require checks to be manually carried out. Our centralised support system reminds our support team to perform any required checks or operations at preset times of the day/week.

24/7 monitoring and paging

For customers with critical servers, we offer a 24/7 monitoring service with paging to our support team. If the monitoring service detects a critical problem – e.g. service down, system overheat, failed hard drive – our out-of-hours support engineers are paged and they will respond appropriately.

Remote Monitoring

Where a customer has a large and complex network or multiple remote sites, we can deploy our CAGE Appliance as a remote monitoring node. This can perform simple network checks (such as pinging servers or checking the web server ports are open), and can also connect to specific servers to run more detailed checks (such as viewing mail queues or disk space).

For further information and pricing on our network monitoring services, please contact us.