Navaho Technologies Ltd

Microsoft Server Management

Navaho can offer a range of management services for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft application servers, including:

  • Design and deployment of new systems
  • General server monitoring and maintenance including patch & update level monitoring and patch deployment
  • Active Directory deployment and maintenance, including Federated AD environments
  • Exchange Server design, deployment and maintenance
  • SQL Server design, deployment and maintenance
  • Critical service monitoring
  • Skype for Business deployment and maintenance
  • Hyper-V virtualisation design, deployment and maintenance
  • Azure Hybrid management

Where a customer has a complex server environment, Navaho will liaise between Microsoft and key hardware vendors such as Dell, HP and Cisco to resolve issues that may be experienced with your environment such as issues with server software, hardware, network equipment and infrastructure such as SAN or NAS hardware.

Through our distribution channel, Navaho can also offer competitive pricing on all infrastructure equipment, including servers, network hardware, and volume pricing on operating systems and application software.

For further information and pricing on our server management solutions, please contact us.