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Electronic Notice Boards / Eboards

Electronic Notice Boards typically consist of an LCD display screen mounted in either portrait or landscape mode, connected to a PC or a digital signage player. MediaCAT Digital Signage players have significant advantages over a PC:

  • Low power devices - use only 10W compared to over 60W for a PC
  • Secure operating system - no need to worry about viruses or Windows error messages
  • Easy to setup and maintain - no need to continually patch or update
  • Can be programmed to turn screens off when not in use

Multimedia Displays

Electronic Message Boards (sometimes called eboards or e-boards) can be used to display a wide variety of media including video, slide shows, RSS text tickers, live TV and video feeds, and local and external web sites. With the MediaCAT Digital Signage player, your Electronic Notice Board can also display information from other computer systems within your organisation, eg.:

  • Call statistics from a PBX in a call centre
  • E-boards for Railway Depots showing track use and health and safety information
  • Wayfinding, meeting room booking and event floor map display for hotels and events
  • Pupil information, such as birthdays, from a schools SIMs database
  • Flight or train passenger information in an airport or railway station
  • Important events or appointments from your calendering system
  • Alerts or warnings from a monitoring system

Instant Information Distribution

One of the major benefits of an Electronic Notice Board is the instant distribution of information. The MediaCAT Digital Signage player is completely managed via its easy to use web interface, which can be accessed by any PC or Mac on your network without having to install any extra software.

This allows staff to login to a MediaCAT and instantly update media or messages being displayed on the Electronic Notice Board, even if they are on the other side of a campus - or if Internet connected, even the other side of the world!

Applications for Electronic Notice Boards

MediaCAT Digital Signage players can be used for Electronic Notice Boards in many different applications. Some of the more common are:

Receptions Call Centres Passenger Info Wayfinding


Electronic Notice Boards are ideal for School, Business, Hotel and other Reception Areas. They can be used to display personalised greeting messages for clients, or display notices and information for other users. Read more about Reception Area Displays for Business and Electronic Notice boards in schools and education.

Call Centres

Call centers have traditionally used scrolling LED electronic message boards, which are very limited in what information they can display. MediaCAT driven Electronic Notice Boards can not only display the same call statistics on the screen, but also scrolling messages for staff, product information and graphs of performance and targets. Read more about Call Centre Wallboards.

Passenger Info

Electronic Notice Boards are already commonly used for passenger information systems in Airports, Ferry Terminals and Railway and Bus Stations. With a MediaCAT Digital Signage player, passenger information systems can do so much more than just show train times. Interleave passenger information with onward journey planning, local advertising or general messages. For on-vehicle notice boards, MediaCAT Can also be used to display this/next stop information, location maps, live TV or CCTV/outside camera views. Read more about Public Transport Notice Boards


Digital Wayfinding is an exciting new application for Electronic Notice Boards which allows Hotels, Conference and Exhibition Centers and Large Corporates to enhance their customers experience of their facilities. By using MediaCAT Digital Signage players to create dynamic Wayfinding signs in reception areas , foyers, hallways and meeting rooms, customers can be shown the way to their appointments and meetings with automatic directional signage.Once a meeting has been booked into the central system, at a preset time before the meeting starts, all wayfinder displays will show directional signage for the meeting, with customisable client logos. The meeting room screen itself will display a message showing who the meeting is booked for and the duration of the meeting. Read more about Digital Wayfinding.

Advantages of Electronic Notice Boards

Electronic Notice Boards have many advantages when compared to traditional paper-based notice boards or posters. Some of these advantages are:

  • Instant information updates - no need to walk round pinning up lots of notices or posters.
  • Environmentally friendly - reduce paper and printer toner usage and costs
  • More visual messages - visual messages stand out more and attract attention
  • Live information - can link to other computer systems for live information
  • Relevant notices - set an expiry date to ensure notices are only shown when relevant

Management and Monitoring

For larger sites, MediaCATs can be configured for content mirroring , so that all media and messages are centrally managed and each satellite MediaCAT mirrors the content from the central unit. Different groups can be configured and each MediaCAT digital signage player placed in a different group, allowing content to be created and targeted for different user groups or areas.

For even larger sites, a MediaCAT Manager server can be installed to control each MediaCAT digital signage player individually or as part of a group. The MediaCAT manager will also monitor all of the Electronic Notice Boards and warn if any potential problems are found.

Plugin Expansion

Whilst MediaCAT Digital Signage players provide all the facilities you might require for setting up an eye-catching noticeboard, some customers may have specific requirements for their Electronic Notice Boards which are not provided as standard.

For these sites Navaho have written a number of MediaCAT software plugins which extend the MediaCAT digital signage players' capabilities. To date, we have support for the following Electronic Notice Board applications, with more always under development.

  • Flight Information System and Arrival/Departure gate messaging
  • Education plugin for reception, canteen, staff room and student messaging
  • Property database interface and window display for Estate Agents
  • Dynamic Digital Wayfinding for hotels, conference centres and exhibition halls

Why use MediaCAT for my Electronic Notice Board?

Not all Digital Signage players are created equal! The term Digital Signage also covers much simpler players that can only show looped video or image slide shows. More advanced players may be able to display Flash™ or Web pages. Only the most advanced Digital Signage players like the MediaCAT are able to use on-board web technologies to provide an easy to use web interface for managing your Electronic Notice Board and integration with other computer systems to give you live, useful information on your screens.

To find out more about how MediaCAT can help your organisation, please contact us .