Digital Signage for Schools

The Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player has a wide range of uses within schools and higher education, including:

  • Reception area electronic notice boards
  • Lunch-time menu screens in canteens
  • Displaying messages for staff and students
  • Publishing sporting fixtures dates and results
  • SIMS linked notice boards in staff rooms
  • Digital Wayfinding on large campuses

The latest Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player now makes it even easier to use electronic notice boards to help keep your school in the picture.

Supplied with several example templates and easy-to-use widgets with user control for menus and tables, MediaCAT 5 allows staff to quickly publish professional looking messages, lunch menus, sports results and school events across the entire site from a web browser anywhere on your network.

With multiple levels of access, entering messages and information can be separated from the design and branding of screen displays. Using our unique mirroring system, multiple players can sync from a single master player, allowing all screens on the network to be updated from a single central location.

The MediaCAT Digital Signage Player can be used with a wide variety of screens and displays, ranging from small LCD screens, to high-brightness, armoured screens for use outside. We are also able to offer a range of touchscreens and kiosks for interactive information and wayfinding applications.

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