School Electronic Notice Boards

It is becoming increasingly important for schools to promote themselves in the new, more competitive marketplace that now exists. The Navaho Mediacat Digital Signage player connected to an screen provides an easy, cost-effective way of creating an electronic noticeboard for your reception or use elsewhere in your school.

Easy Management

MediaCAT has been purpose built for providing Digital Signage for Schools, and can be fully managed across your network via its fast and easy to use web interface. This requires no software to be installed on your computer and has been designed to work from Windows, Apple, and Linux workstations.

Multi-Format Displays

Notices can be quickly and easily published alongside live RSS feeds, Web Content, video feeds or live TV. Using the unique Navaho "Scenes" feature, professional looking screen layouts can be created in a matter of minutes. Scenes also allows you to create layout templates and give other users access to change the information displayed. For example, a canteen menu template could be updated daily by the school chef.

Scheduled Content

Once content has been created, it can be scheduled to play at certain times of the day, so you can have different information being displayed between lessons or during lunch time, making the noticeboard multi-role. As an added benefit and to help reduce your energy bills, the MediaCAT player is designed to draw less power than an energy saving light bulb and can be programmed to turn the screen off when not in use.

Designed for Education

Navaho MediaCAT 4 now makes it even easier to use MediaCAT Digital Signage to help keep your school in the picture with electronic notice boards. Supplied with three example templates and easy-to-use widgets with user control for menus and tables, the MediaCAT solution allows your staff to quickly and easily publish messages, lunch menus, sports results and school events. These messages can be displayed locally or globally in reception areas, staff rooms, canteens and student areas.

Expandable Digital Signage

Multiple players on the same network can be controlled centrally from a single unit using the built-in content mirroring software, making it easy to expand your noticeboard network over time. For larger sites, a MediaCAT Manager server provides enhanced control and monitoring of players and can alert the system manager if any problems are found or a player has been offline for a period of time.

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