Communicating with students and staff around large campuses is an important requirement in the modern University. Updating campus wide notices on all the faculty noticeboards is a time consuming task and often relies on several different people, meaning that new information takes time to distribute and notices are often out of date. An electronic notice board network powered by Navaho MediaCAT is the ideal solution to this problem.

Multi-platform Network Management

MediaCAT Digital Signage players are controlled via an easy-to-use web interface, with no extra software required on your PC, making the solution easy to integrate into the varied multi-platform networks predominately found in most Colleges and Universities.

Flexible Information Display

In addition to static notices and information displays, the MediaCAT Digital Signage player can display live RSS feeds, live TV or Video feeds and web pages including local news, weather or travel information.

Easy system Management

For smaller sites, MediaCAT players can be quickly setup to mirror content from a central player. The content grouping system allows content to be displayed on specific players only, but still allows for central content creation and management.

For larger sites, MediaCAT players can be controlled across multiple faculties from a single mediacat manager server. Different Faculties can control their own local messages and content, while global campus messages and branding are can be controlled centrally. The MediaCAT Manager also monitors all players and can alert system managers if a problem is a detected or a player has been offline for a period of time.

Advertising and Wayfinding

MediaCAT Digital Signage players can be used for internal and third party advertising in canteens, student bars or campus shops. With the Wayfinding plugin, the MediaCAT can be used for dynamic digital signposting for meeting rooms, lecture theatres, events and exhibitions.

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